Apparel Importing/Manufacturing ERP Solutions

This system is a comprehensive set of modules that are very powerful in design and yet very simple to use. Designed to work for any type of industry including the complexities of the apparel importing/manufacturing industry, this system will immediately improve your company's productivity, efficiency, management decision making, and executive decision making. The system is fully customizable and can be moulded to your organizations specific requirements. The system caters to any size company ranging from 1 user to an unlimited amount of users and our pricing scale by user makes this system affordable for even the smallest organization. This model gives all our clients that extra added edge to be competitive in the market today and into tomorrow.

Inventory & Production Management

The Inventory module includes a complete management system that allows you to closely follow the status of your inventory items through rigorous accounting of reception, shipping, returns, and adjustments of merchandise.

Just-in-time Inventory

Significantly reduces the labor associated with maintaining inventory and save on storage fees with a just-in-time inventory system. Make your purchase orders effectively based on crucial information such as the item reserved quantities, the backorder items, the stock rotation point, the suppliers average shipping times, the items minimum quantities to be met, the shelf space required, the suppliers pricing, etc.

Drop Ship Management

You are a distributor? Use the direct delivery from supplier to final customer, and avoid storage fees by delivering the items directly to the customer location.

Barcode Scanning

Assign product to sales orders by scanning product barcodes. Manage reception of items with or without bill, provide your customers with the ETA, update the amount due in the supplier file, and the inventory of the items.

Multi-warehouse and Consignment Locations

Manage multiple warehouses or consignment locations easily. Print consignment orders and warehouse receipts and get real time information on your inventory quantities and values for each warehouse.
Define as warehouses any location where goods are stocked, whether that be a warehousing building, shipping vehicle, or consignment location. A number of warehouse-related reports will keep you well informed of the items, quantities, and movement of stock in and between your warehouses.

Production, Assemblies, Bill-of-Materials and Kits

Plan, schedule, and follow up on production of your goods. Our production management is the most flexible on the market. You can assign an unlimited variety of production processes based on your working criteria regardless if you are a manufacturer, importer, or use domestic contractors.
Group a number of items that would be shipped and sold as one unit to create a kit or group a variety of parts used to manufacture an object and the manpower services required to build it to create assembly items. Break down the assembly process into logical stages (expected – in progress – completed) and restrict access to the various stages to only those users concerned by each stage.

Multiple Price Levels

Assign different prices or rates for different types of customers. Price levels are also used for such purposes as assigning lower unit pricing for large-volume clients or higher unit pricing for locations involving high transport costs. When operating in a multi-currency business environment, they are also used to assign pricing in values representing specific currencies.


The Costing module has the ability to be configured based on how you do business. Estimated costing based on your business processes be it in-house manufacturing, importing, or use of contractors, fee's, mark up, etc. ESS then actualizes all costs automatically through out the production process reporting on the differences from estimated and actual costs. The ESS Costing Module will surely improve your estimating methods to become very close to your actual cost and alert you to cost overruns.

Purchasing, Importing & Supplier Management

The ESS ERP solution delivers advanced features you need and expect to improve and maintain your business relation with your suppliers, from making domestic purchase orders to import purchase orders with detailed specifications of the product and shipment details, to receiving merchandise. Basically, the ESS ERP Purchasing module fills two major roles, that of recording purchases of stock generally intended for resale or manufacturing and that of managing your accounts payable through the means of recording expenses and payments.

Factors and Units of Measure

The ESS ERP solution allows you to set up multiple purchase measures for each of your products. Inventory can be purchased and sold in different measures while continuing to maintain an accurate count of how many items you have in stock.

Multiple Suppliers

Multiple suppliers can be defined for each product. Purchase Orders that are printed or e-mailed will have the respective supplier’s item code identification plainly visible - reducing the chance of an incorrect shipment.

Import Purchase Orders

You can create import purchase orders detailing every aspect of product specifications, special instructions, packaging, carton markings, label info, and much more.

Import PO Tracking

The Import PO Tracking module intuitively keeps tidy and organized all aspects for Import Production, Pre-Production and Transport by allowing user defined tracking definitions setup based on your needs by PO, Style and Color.

Purchase History

Empower yourself to negotiate with your suppliers. A complete view of quantities, cost and all the suppliers you have purchased a product from in the past is just one key stroke away.
Even newly hired employees can use this information to find the right supplier and price for the products you need to meet customer demand. Drops ship function is also available.

Items Receipts

Multiple documents can be printed out and customized to help store your items in their own location. Stock items can be received with or without bill. Costing will be adjusted consequently. Customized labels can be printed out when stock is received.

Order Processing

The ESS ERP Order Processing can be used as a pick system or an order and ship system. These modules deliver advanced features you need and expect to manage customer orders, distribute complicated head office orders to multiple destinations, Pick, Ship and Invoice all while managing inventory levels and producing all shipping documentation, price tickets, and barcode labels.

Customer Credit Checker

Enter orders with confidence knowing at all times if your customer is within their set credit limit including pending order awaiting shipping.

Order Distribution

Easily distribute consolidated head office orders to multiple destinations with ease and manage the entire shipping and billing process with accuracy.

Picking, Packing and Shipping

Flexibility sums up the process of picking, packing and shipping orders within the ESS ERP solution. Pick by order, by customer, by ship to, by style, by delivery date, by ship date, by batch or by anything you want. You are in control without limitations.


Efficiency and functionality paves the way to wrapping up this process by combining picking slips, automated calculation of shipping costs, and single or batch processing. It's easy, fast and reliable.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Organize any return merchandise requests by Customer, Ship To, Product# and A/R Invoice#. You will be surprised how this module simplifies the returns process and validates all return products to their A/R Invoice#.

RMA Receiving

Here you can receive and authorize the returned merchandise or simply have your warehouse receive the returned goods and allow a more senior team member to authorize the return. Authorized returns can be auto generated into A/R Credit Notes.

Sales & Client Management

ESS ERP allows you to manage the entire selling process, including quote/order/invoice entry, as well as post-sale follow-up. ESS ERP provides complete customer purchase histories, which enable your sales representatives to serve your customers better, improve customer satisfaction and increased profitability.
The inventory status can be displayed automatically when entering a new transaction providing crucial information on the quantity in inventory, the quantity received, the item ETA and the quantities assembled. The replacement item management also helps avoid backorder items.

Contact Manager

Packed with powerful planning capabilities, ESS ERP Contact Manager provides all the characteristics of a high-performing agenda.
Sales people can write all the sales made to each client and can also schedule meetings and demonstrations. The list of tasks to be performed automatically and is updated as they perform their tasks. Finally, their respective commissions are calculated automatically.
ESS ERP Contact Manager allows you to increase productivity by ensuring a more efficient management of your business opportunities. By establishing a close integration with Microsoft Outlook, you get the best of both softwares working together!

POS Retail

The POS Retail module is the perfect solution to improve the profitability of your business. It allows you to swiftly process counter sales and simultaneously enters invoices into the system, serves the customer, prints cash receipts, and allows your employees to quickly and effectively balance the cash registers at day's end. It provides essential functions such as: control of cash register peripherals and item availability verification other warehouses.

Accounting & Financials & Payroll

You will not find a more powerful and secure Accounting & Financials back end in any Apparel ERP system anywhere in the world. Why you ask... because the ESS EPR is seamlessly integrated with Sage Accpac and Sage Simply Accounting. Trust you financials and their security to the best in the business. The same software used by millions across the world.
Above and beyond, the accounting software is only installed on PC's who require access. This means you get the highest level of security for your financials. Most Apparel ERP software's Accounting and Financials are installed on all workstation computers along with all other modules, even low level users. All they need is an administrator password or the password of a individual working in your accounting department, then they have complete access to view or distort your valuable financial information. These days hacking is not reserved to the elite, almost anyone has access to information on hacking computers and networks that they have access to.
Make no mistake, ESS ERP Accounting & Financials are the best in the Apparel business.
System Auditing. All entries are audited. All actions processed within the Accounting modules have a digital trail and can be investigated.
General Ledger Controls & Processing, Accounts Receivable Processing, Accounts Payable Processing, Bank Management, Statistics, Payroll, Reporting and Batch Processing.

Business Reporting

To maintain an edge over the competition, a company must be able to make decisions based on accurate information. The ESS ERP solution provides you with powerful and flexible search functions that can be manipulated to meet virtually any need you might encounter for sorting, separating, grouping, targeting, and refining your business information.
The ESS ERP solution lets you know where your business stands with over 200 built-in reports, plus you have access to the powerful, yet flexible, search grid to retrieve data for even greater reporting capabilities. Using the powerful search grid will allow you to mine your data for any result you may be looking for that is not available within one of our many reports.

Performance & Security

The ESS ERP solution – a comprehensive, turnkey solution built around state-of-the-art technology- provides powerful tools to effectively track, manage and control all aspects of your business, and can be easily configured to meet the business requirements of small to midsize companies in any industry.


Efficiency comes with taking fewer steps to accomplish your goal. Unfortunately, most ERP systems force you to work the way they are designed, and many times you get stuck taking a fewer extra steps to accomplish your task. Not with the ESS ERP system! Our system is completely customizable to fit your specific needs where required. In many cases, we have been able to stream line certain processes for our customers allowing them to maintain their recipe for success.

Business Intelligence

The business intelligence functions provided with the ESS ERP solution allows you to use any of your stored business data for analytical purposes in order to lead to better management of your business.

Security Features

EiconDEV has taken security to a whole new level by securing your financials within Sage Accpac or Sage Simply Accounting. Rest assured your financials are within the most reliable and secure system trusted by millions all over the world.
Within the ESS ERP solution, Permissions, or access rights, can be assigned to objects at many levels of the company: entry screens, reports, additional modules, etc. With the ESS ERP solution, they can also be used to restrict the types of actions a user can perform even within his authorized areas: view, add, edit, delete, query, save, etc.
An audit trail report also provides information about which transactions are modified, what the modifications are and who made them.


Sales intelligence, product sourcing, inventory management. Maintain absolute control from front end to back end processing.