Custom Programming

In addition to the intense development of EiconDEV ERP, EiconDEV puts its experience and system knowledge to work for you to create custom applications or other custom programming needs that you may have.

Service Offerings :

With over 10 years of sophisticated data driven programming experience, we at EiconDEV pride ourselves on delivering advanced, innovative and cost-effective software in every feasible way.

A Few Success Stories:

By using our ESS ERP data engine, we were able to completely custom program an Order Fulfillment system to meet the specific needs at Mile High Media. Our solid support staff has been servicing Mile High Media for over 8 years now and the software has evolved and is running strong.
Using our ESS back office, we custom programmed a retail Point of Sale with GSM Phone’s specific needs. Intuitively and effectively assisting in GMS Phone’s success.
BI Group’s apparel importing and manufacturing needs are complex because of the number of companies and garment labels operating under the BI Group umbrella. Through custom programming, we have been able to fast track processes and effectively consolidate reporting for better management and upper management decision making. We have been supporting BI Group for close to 10 years now.
In Process… Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale ERP : Completely custom programming a Fruits & Vegetables wholesale ERP from scratch is no easy task, but our software engineers make it look simple. Using the newest technologies, we are in process of taking the Fruits & Vegetables wholesale industry to a global level!